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When you’re working on a commercial boat , you need dependable and reliable marine power. You can’t afford to be down in open waters. It’s expensive and dangerous to the crew. You can count on Depco to provide you with marine engines and transmissions to give you peace of mind. All of our units come with a warranty and quality assured Depco seal.
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Since our beginning in 1991, we’ve been buying and selling marine propulsion and auxiliary engines, generators, transmissions, reduction gears and accessories.

We know and understand the marine market and we’re knowledgeable in the product lines and applications. Located in Houston on the gulf coast, we have easy access to the port of Houston.

We carry inventory for a variety of marine applications including: towing, barges, supply boats, crew boats, construction, dredging, fishing or other commercial work boats.

Our real-time online inventory system allows you to quickly search for any unit you need.

If we don’t have it listed, give us a call. We can find it. We do it every day for customers.

In fact, Miami's Intertech supply company contacted Depco with a desperate need for a 3516b marine propulsion engine. It’s Venezuelan customer had a catastrophic failure on a harbor tug boat and was down. We found an engine in Australia that matched the customer requirements.

The entire transaction was completed in just two weeks.

We’ve rebuilt marine engines and customized units. Plus, we buy and sell both new, used and surplus marine power units.

When you buy from Depco, you can buy with confidence.

Whether you’re ready to sell or buy, start with Depco.